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Skyland-150 UAV

Product feature
1. Easily:Length 2 meter fixed wing UAV,can be packaged in a box easily.
2. High-quality images:Choose 36 megapixel or 42 megapixel ILDC cameras.
3. Safe take off : Catapult launch C.A.T.O , people don't touch UAV.
4. Perfect protection:Parachute landing, maximum protect the camera. Choose use semi-automatic precise control of the landing areas.

5. High Productivity:45  KM2  1:2000 DOM, DTM and DLG in  once flight.
6. Double GPS system:Navigation GPS and PPK high precision GPS dual systems operate simultaneously
7. Fool-style operation:Industrial grade autopilot,fully automatic working.Ground station software show details:sailing time, wind power, wind direction, sailing height distance, voltage, etc......
8. Environmental protection:Only 2×8000 mA Li-ion battery in 150 minute flight.

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